Building Bridges Trips

Each year, the Sisterhood takes a trip to a place of significance to the Muslim and Jewish communities either virtually or physically. In early 2022, 340 participants traveled on a virtual trip to Israel-Palestine in 5 weekly sessions and in 2020, over the course of six weeks, over 100 women traveled on our first-ever, virtual trip, a civil rights and racial justice journey.

In-person trips include Immigration at the U.S.-Mexico Border (2020), Germany/Poland (2019), Civil Rights Trip to the U.S. South (2018), Azerbaijan (2017), and the Balkans (2016) and our most recent trip to Morocco (2023)!

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Spain 2024

Building Bridges – Spain 2024 Seeptember 19th – September 26th, 2024 Travel with us to southern Spain for the next “Building Bridges” trip! We’ll explore the architecture and landscape of Andalusía, also known as al-Andalus, and dive deeply into the unique seven-century history of religious coexistence between Muslims, Jews, and Christians. We’ll learn of the […]

Morocco Trip Reflections

In thinking of all we learned and listened to during our trip, it is amazing that the Jewish history in Morocco covers almost 3,000 years! That’s 3 millennia! – a time to develop culture, history, and roots. Of course, there were good and bad years (as there were for other populations that make up Morocco), yet Jews were […]
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Building Bridges – Morocco 2023

BUILDING BRIDGES – MOROCCO 2023 February 20 – 28, 2023 Morocco offers a fascinating opportunity to explore multiple dimensions of religion and culture in the Middle East/North Africa region. With distinctive Muslim practice and belief and being the site of Jewish communities for roughly 2,500 years, Morocco represents a nexus of Jewish, Arab, Berber, African, […]
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Virtual Building Bridges 2020: Civil Rights and Racial Justice Journey

Virtual Building Bridges Trip 2020: Civil Rights & Racial Justice Journey During the summer of 2020, dozens of women joined us for a series of conversations in courage. Guided by Dr. Todd Allen, Vice President for Diversity Affairs and Professor at Messiah College, women examined key issues in the civilrights movement, including voter suppression, police […]

Building Bridges Trip 2020: Tuscon, Arizona Border Trip

Building bridges trip 2020: Tuscon, Arizona Border Trip The 2020 Building Bridges Trip grew directly out of the 2019 Building Bridges Trip to Germany & Poland. While still in Europe, and learning firsthand the results of unchecked hatred during the Holocaust, the participants vowed to organize a trip to the U.S./Mexican border. Our mission was […]
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