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Heba Macksoud

Heba Macksoud, a Princeton area resident originally from New York City, has spent over 25 years working at major media companies including MTV, Good Housekeeping magazine, The Wall Street Journal as well as Zaytuna College, America’s only Muslim Liberal Arts College. She is currently serving as a digital media consultant for several American Muslim institutions in addition to providing digital media support for two of the most prominent Muslim Scholars in the United States.

Past roles included serving as an Executive Board member of the largest mosque and Islamic School in Central Jersey. She was also the co-director of the NJ chapter of The Islamic Networks Group (ING), an organization that provides cultural literacy about Islam for non-Muslims as well as a member of The Rutgers University Muslim Alumni Association. Heba speaks publicly on topics related to Islam at academic institutions, conferences, several places of worship, universities, community forums and rallies.

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