Identity Exploration Program

We are pleased to share that the Sisterhood, in conjunction with the cultural competency trainings, is launching an identity exploration program where we hope to explore our own stories and the influence of life, experience, culture, race, spirituality/faith, and social context, i.e., inner, and outer aspects of our identity.

Through this programming we hope to create space and support the efforts of the Sisters to explore their own religious/spiritual and secular identities and make transformative connections with other Sisters across worldviews. Our identities are complex and cannot be defined by a just “one story” or a stereotype.

There are multiple branches of Judaism and Islam, and Muslim and Jews practice their religions with different levels of observance and in a variety of ways around the world. We define our belonging to our faith tradition in numerous ways ranging from strict observance to our connection to a culture.

This self-reflection, sharing and learning from each other will enable healthy, dynamic, and respectful conversations on intra-faith and inter-faith levels simultaneously. Together we will explore the dynamics between the individual and community/society, and between how we define ourselves and how others try to define us.

If you would like to share your “story” and help others learn and understand your identity and experience please let us know by sending an email to [email protected]



upcoming events

Identity Exploration Series: Jewish Sisters

Listen to the diverse, lived experiences of four Jewish Sisterhood members.  Get to know your fellow sisters more! Moderated by Rabbi Amy Eilberg and featuring Rachel Keiffer (Mizrahi Jewish heritage), Dr. Saundra Sterling Epstein (Orthodox Jewish), Ramesh Sinaee (Iranian American Jewish), and Judith May (Conservative Jewish).  

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Identity Exploration Series: Muslim Sisters

Listen to the diverse lived experiences of four Muslim Sisterhood members.  Get to know your fellow sisters more! Moderated by Sisterhood co-founder, Atiya Aftab!    

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