Jinan Qutub

Jinan Qutub is a corporate professional of over twenty years in the healthcare sector. She has been an active supporter and change sparker in the interfaith space since her college days at Loyola University. After serving as president of the Muslim Students Association (MSA), she would go on to found and lead Noor Islam. Noor (light of) Islam’s primary purpose would serve to bring together the various faith communities on campus to foster greater understanding, empathy, and friendships. Jinan’s drive to build bridges between faith communities is driven by what is said in the Quran: “O humanity! Indeed, We created you from a male and female , and made you into peoples and tribes so that you may get to know one another. Surely the most noble of you in the sight of God is the most righteous among you.”

These efforts continued in NJ, with inspiring the next generation youth to found and create the Watchung Hills Muslim, Hindu, Jewish Coalition. This initiative began as an effort to create more inclusive calendars across the state and has been largely successful in part due to the Sisterhood Salaam Shalom lending its support to this effort. The Coalition has continued to evolve with volunteer drives and historic crescent lightings. Jinan is a firm believer that progress and peace can only be made if we work together and build on our common shared values that are firmly rooted in justice and equality.

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