Largest Gathering of Muslim & Jewish Women for Peace

Our December 2015 Muslim Jewish Women’s Leadership Conference was an unbelievable success. Over 350 women came together for two days in Princeton, New Jersey for workshops, panels, and relationship building — the largest-ever gathering of Jewish and Muslim women coming together for peace. Women came from across the United States and around the world, including from Kuwait, Israel and the West Bank.

The response has been overwhelming. The Sisterhood and the gathering were covered in the New York Times, Haaretz, and New Jersey Jewish News, and over 200 women have been in touch about joining or starting a Sisterhood chapter in their community.


Stay tuned for photos and a longer report! Thank you to everyone who worked so hard to create such a beautiful and powerful gathering.


1 thought on “Largest Gathering of Muslim & Jewish Women for Peace”

  1. Sharon L. Kitchen

    To all women of many faiths I would like to share a thought or two from a Native American point of view. I am a mom, wife , and grandparent of many. Our Native American women have long known we have to band to gether to portect our families, culture. Before the first boat landed here we called this land, turtle Island, We still do. When folks wanted land they forcefully removed us to what they demed worthless land. Now they know it holds much oil. So now even in this day, our peoples are being forcefully removed again. All for the big compsines greed$. We are the only race that have to have a government card to prove who we are in our own land. If the politiicans want a favor from a large company, they move our people again. They reuin our sacred lands and desecrate our dead. They do not care. Our women pray and educate our folks to stand strong. At the current PO1 meeting concerning climate change, our people are excluded. This is not reported in regular media. Nothing negative ever is. Go to for the real news about this. If all water is ruin, we humans will not be here. The planet will survive, we will not. At the man camps(set up by oiol companies- women are raped every day by non Native people). Our kids are stolen or killed and suicide is very high. Why? the people who think they have conquered this land and the indigenous peoples on it……have not….but where their is little to no education allowed and their are no jobs/money to live/no running water/no electric/the young ones do not see hope. They struggle to see a future. this also, is never reported on by the regular media. now for some good news…..Idle No More and other orginazations are fighting for the Peoples rights. In the old days it was A.I.M. the outside folks said a lot against A.I.M>….but this was because they were fighting for Native American rights. So the truth of course could not be told. like the real reason for Wounded Knee II. but the stories are out there and they are being told. OUr children are still being stolen and adopted out to white families to be assimilated…….you see the folks in the real power seat (about 10 families in this world) do not want Native Americans to live. Like the maker of the Wizard of Oz movie….he said that the Native American people were worthless and should be exterminated. this thought is still alive among those sitting in the congress. Sen. John McCain had the Dineh'(elders of the Navajo Nation removed in 1997 so that the British coal company called Peabody could do in the ancestral lands for big$. He again this year gave away Apachee lands for another foreign company to make big$ off the coal. See he does not care. he is on the council of idian affairs …but only so that he can see what he can take. He does not help. so we totally understand the hate, and the actions of many. we have had to put up with it since 1492. we the first coloinist arrived and started their killing. But we are still here and we are still telling those that will listen. so, Stay strong. Women will have to keep our cultures alive and our faiths strong.

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