Sister Spotlight – Eunice & Safeta

Two women, one with shoulder length brown hair and one with cropped, white hair, stand in floral tops before a house with red, white, and blue bunting.

"From our very first conversation, it was the start of a friendship." Eunice and Safeta met through the Virtual Coffee Connection in the early months of the pandemic.

With the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, the Sisterhood devised an easy and fun way for women to combat isolation and remain in touch- the Virtual Coffee Connection. Safeta Pejcinovic, a Sisterhood community member from Nassau County, Long Island, mother of four, and accounting manager at a boutique investment firm in New York City, and Eunice Salton, a Sisterhood chapter member from Highland Park, New Jersey, certified mediator in the New York State Unified Court System and the New Jersey Judiciary, and a self-professed foodie, were matched. Their friendship has blossomed ever since!
"It all started with a quick sign up with the Virtual Coffee Connection back in February 2021! And from our very first conversation, it was the start of a friendship." Safeta and Eunice felt the excitement of being able to reach out to a new friend during the pandemic -- a kind of “Bonding Without Borders.” After their initial conversation, they began speaking once a week, which quickly transformed into a back and forth – texting, calling and keeping in touch – as long-time friends do.
“With our first conversation, I knew we were bonding and had a common thread of values and spirit between us,” said Safeta.  

“It is really amazing how many interests we share, most notably our careers in finance, a love of museums and history, and a sense of adventure!" Eunice noted. It was meant to be! 

The two women met in-person for the first time in New York City this past June. They spent the day lunching and exploring exhibits in the New York Public Library. Most recently, they visited the Old Bethpage Village Restoration on Long Island. Each meeting has been full of laughter and joy. 

Eunice and Safeta agree that a key ingredient in their growing friendship is the ease of sharing experiences and perspectives and hearing each other’s point of view. Their friendship is a place to think, talk, and listen. Say Eunice and Safeta, "We are thankful for the Coffee Connection and we hope that more Sisters participate and reach out to one another. New friendships are a click away!!”

We invite our members to share a bit about themselves, their lives, and their connection to the Sisterhood in an occasional series. If you wish to tell your story for a future spotlight, please email [email protected].

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