Social Justice Action Groups

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom is happy to announce three Social Justice Action Groups (SJAG).

These groups were formed as a result of grassroots efforts. They are intended to address specific social injustices consistent with the overall mission and goals of the Sisterhood.

The priorities of these groups are to listen, learn and follow the lead of the directly-impacted communities they will support. They will research existing initiatives, identify organizations with whom to partner, and curate training and educational resources to increase awareness of the issues.

Proposed action steps will then be shared with the overall membership so that sisters can engage together in this important work at the chapter level and beyond. In addition, to keep sisters apprised, information and updates will soon be posted on the Sisterhood website.

The co-chairs of each Social Justice Action Group will do their best to ensure a balanced participation of Muslim and Jewish women as well as a geographically diverse group.

If you are interested in joining a Social Justice Action Group, please fill out the contact form on that specific Action Group’s page. The co-chairs will then be in touch with you.

Immigrant Communities Action Group

Racial Justice Action Group

Uyghur and India Action Group

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