Our tears are the same color….

Dear Sisters,

As our Muslim sisters observe Ramadan and and our Jewish sisters prepare for Passover, we are deeply aggrieved by disturbing and frightening news of death, violence, and destruction in Israel and Palestine. The Sisterhood once again affirms our commitment to non-violence and calls for peace and humanity.

As you know, the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom has made a commitment to engage in social action and end acts of hate against all human beings. The pain and death of anyone is the pain and death of all humans. Let us continue to be the Muslim/Jewish organization that manages to thrive with the inspiration of our peace activist partners in the region like Parents Circle and Combatants for Peace who power on and have taught us that "our tears are the same color."

We stand with our peace building partners on the ground in Israel and Palestine, and will lift up their statements when they respond to devastating news in their midst.

Please read this powerful message shared by Parents Circle:

"I'm watching the news and horrified to learn of more needless, senseless deaths. More bereaved. More unbelievable pain. More families grieving for loved ones. It is incredibly devastating.

I am also aware that the shooting in Tel Aviv tonight, like the recent acts of violence in Israel over the past month, did not take place in a vacuum.

Palestinian lives are lost and injured on a daily basis. This past month, 27 Palestinians were killed. On the first day of Ramadan, the Israeli army killed 3 young men in Jenin and deployed 3,000 troops to Jerusalem.

These acts take place as part of the cycle of violence between Israelis and Palestinians and we must break that cycle immediately.

There is another way forward. Stop the violence.

The Parents Circle - Families Forum condemns all acts of violence. Our hearts go out to Palestinian and Israeli families who have lost loved ones.

Shiri Ourian
Executive Director
American Friends of the Parents Circle - Families Forum"

In Peace and Sisterhood,

Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom


April 8, 2022

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