Teens Explore How Identity Influences Their Relationship to the World

Since late spring, the teens of the Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom have participated in monthly programming designed to develop leadership skills and allow girls to connect with other teen girls from across the country.

In October, Leadership Coach and Sisterhood Co-Leader, Rachel Baldi facilitated an exploration into identity, the components that comprise it, and how one’s identity shapes interactions with the world. Girls considered questions such as, how do different pieces of your identity affect how you perceive yourself? and which pieces of your identity would you most like others to know about you?

The questions led to a lively discussion on what it takes to be a good friend, whether people gravitate toward certain pieces of their identities depending on who they’re with, and how to have respectful conversations about identity, religion, culture, ethnicity, and race. We’re grateful to Rachel for generously lending us her time and to our teens for their leadership and thought-provoking conversation!

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