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    The Sisterhood of Salaam Shalom is committed to providing educational resources to meet the growing needs of chapter members, co-leaders, and women interested in joining the Sisterhood. We hope these videos and how-to guides will support your journey, whether you’re well-established or just forming a chapter. Watch the introductory video below for a general description of tools and support for new and existing Sisterhood chapters.

    About our Videos

    The first video in each series introduces general principles for each topic area. Individual modules dive deeper into the content. Brief written how-to guides give tips on best practices and address issues discussed in the videos, along with activities you can facilitate in your meetings.

    Additional videos and how-to guides will continue to be uploaded, so check back in regularly to see what’s new!

    Please contact us with questions about these materials, if you have specific educational requests or to join a new chapter.

    All Videos by the Sisterhood

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