Sister Spotlight – Rebecca Weintraub


Rebecca Weintraub was born and raised in New York City's Lenox Hill neighborhood. From a very young age, she found herself seeking her place within the Jewish community. She attended everything from nursery school through K-12 after school programs through a Reform synagogue and served as the first President of her Temple's youth group, a harbinger of leadership roles to come. Today, Rebecca and her husband are raising her son in the same neighborhood where she grew up.

Rebecca became involved with the Sisterhood upon discovering it was a wonderful way to get involved with a community of women from not only all over the city but from around the world! Her chapter learns and grows together and has become a place for sisters to love one another and share their lives, families, struggles, wins, and tragedies. In Rebecca's words, "I honestly don't know what I would do without them."

One of Rebecca's favorite Sisterhood memories is of her chapter's first pandemic-era meetup. The group met in Central Park, and since their last in-person meeting, much had changed. Some had lost loved ones, two, including Rebecca, were pregnant, and some had added pets to their lives. The meeting overflowed with the comfort of shared proximity after having met virtually for so long. It was one of the most joyful days Rebecca has had during the last two years.

Rebecca's hopes for the Sisterhood are that her chapter is able to sustain seeing one another more frequently through in-person celebrations and meetings. She looks forward to seeing how the organization grows and changes and to meeting new people at future national gatherings.

In 2021, while still on maternity leave with her son Benjamin (pictured), Rebecca ran for the elected, volunteer position of District Leader. She now represents approximately half of Manhattan's 76th Assembly District to the New York County Democratic Party. She tells people she now has three jobs- by day, she's the Press Secretary for NYC's Department of City Planning, by night, she's a Democratic District Leaders for the 76th AD, and 24/7, she's a mother!

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